Part 1: The Bombshell

Part 2: The Search Begins

Part 3: Message In a Bottle

Part 4: A Tale of Two Cousins

Part 5: The Results Are In!

Part 6: Another Possibility

Part 7: A Door Opens (Coming Soon! New DNA Results Bring Closure)

Producer:  Steve Kendall

Original Music by:  Christopher Kendall

B & W public domain film clips from Archive.org

In March of 2016, a few days after the funeral of my mother, a family member said something like, “You need to know something about your father, something that was kept from you, but I don’t know if I’m the one who should tell you.” 

“Please, go ahead, tell me, I can handle it.”

“_______ is not your father.  A man named ______ is your real father.”

The search for my father became a detective story of sorts that I turned into a six part, "docu-mystery" series: