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His Girlfriend : )

Judith Kendall is the proud owner and co-founder of  Jammin' With Judith!: Fitness & Fun!, a company dedicated to motivating seniors to stay physically fit. 

The company’s subsidiary, Jammin' With Judith!: Fitness & Fun!, live-streams weekly fitness classes on both Facebook and YouTube.

After 29 years as a classroom teacher, Mrs. Kendall retired and now enjoys spending time with her husband, and pursuing her new passion for exercising and staying physically fit.


Steven Kendall is the happy co-founder of Jammin' With Judith!: Fitness & Fun! and the co-author of several books with his wife, Judith, including:


Every Day is Father's Day: A 52 Week Journal

Every Day Is Mother's Day: A 52 Week Journal 

Love Never Fails: A 52 Week Journal


Love Never Fails: A Matchmaker Mystery!


Steve is also the author of several other books including his latest, Colored Hospital: Stories Inspired by My Birthplace


Mr. Kendall is a former Assistant Professor who taught film, video and Internet related courses during his teaching career with The American University, Montgomery College and The University of Virginia. Steven also wrote, produced and edited programs for corporate clients and several cable networks. 

Steve retired from full-time teaching and producing due to a neuromuscular disease.

In retirement, Mr. Kendall enjoys playing the character Methuselah and dating his frequent co-author and editor—who happens to be his lovely wife.

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